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Buff Nerd? What the hell does that mean? Good question. It actually just sounded like a great way to describe myself years ago as I exited a job working as a chemist that wasn't fulfilling to me at all. I noticed myself getting bogged down in the 9 to 5 life, and behaving like a programmed robot, never truly exhibiting any free will. During one of my commutes home one day, all of the truths of this life that I never wanted to live flashed before my eyes. I had become completely complacent, and this fact of life was eating away at my soul. I didn't know what to do, but for some reason I was drawn to meditation. 

I could only define one of my skills at that time, and that skill was working out. I didn't know exactly what to do, but I knew I needed to act fast before I wasted the rest of my life never pursuing what I loved. So I became a personal trainer and left my job as a chemist. Though the beginning was tough, and I wouldn't recommend doing anything drastic like that without a clear plan in mind, I've discovered that the universe rewards you for following your heart.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and though, like every other person, I experience some tough times, the experiences I've had and the things I've learned have given me a sense of purpose and happiness that I never truly thought to be possible. My only goal with this site is to share love and learning with whomever decides to dive in. 

Thanks for reading!